New President's Speech.

To visit Kyoto Club

On 20th. June An Editor Itoh Osaka Kawachi goes to Kyoto to attend Kyoto Club Meeting.

Kyoto Kinkaku Temple

Thank you for inviting me such a wonderful Meeting.

PRD, Shibata-san.

Hi!!, long time no see!!

Kanazawa-san , Mrs. Kanazawa-san and a beautiful daughter.

Mr. Iwao Katayama presides the installation of new Officer. center.

Outgoing Officer as a Club president, Mr.Ichiro Kanazawa

Incoming officer as a Club President, Mr. Masanori Kotouge, right.

Thank you for not only your dedication to the Club but to Y's men international through a year.

Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka, chairs the meeting.

Japanese food